is a term ELLE UK used to describe the art of Pebelle.

Pebelle is a step into the future of an old craft. Her wide range of textiles are a mix of self-developed dyeing techniques with a touch of anarchism.

Pebelle’s work reflects a modern take on old tradition, moving the art of dyeing closer to printing without crossing the line between these two crafts.

Each item is unique and dyed by hand, out of best quality material, produced within Europe.

The inspiration for Pebelle draws on urban atmospheres/natural phenomenons and is influenced by art, pop culture and fashion.

Pebelle has received international press in publications including ELLE, VOGUE,

Indie magazine, Flare magazine, MF magazine, ROCKET magazine and many more.

Alongside, her work has been featured in the Hollywood award-winning series TRUE BLOOD and is worn by performing artists and musicians all over the world such as Fan Death, Canada, The Jamborines, CH or VUM, US.


Fashion Performance „Till Death Do Us Part“, Early Birds, Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna, 2013

Fashion Performance „Clendy“, Early Birds, Kunsthalle Project Space, Vienna, 2012

Fashion Performance „Ex und Hopp“, Donaukanaltreiben, Main Stage, Vienna, 2012

Exhibtiion „Define Love“, Wohnzimmerbiennale, Vienna, 2011

Rock ’N‘ Dye-Show, Vienna Fashion Week, 2011

Collaboration with Superated (Paris and Vienna Fashion Week), 2010

Exhibition „A Forest“, Quartier 21, MQ, Vienna, 2010



Pebelle lives and works in Vienna, Austria.