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pebelle ma belle

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Her camouflage collection “A Forest“ has been featured in Paz Diman’s Los 100 mejores diseñadores de moda contemporáneos alongside names such as Walter van der Beirendonck and Maison Martin Margiela.


International campaigns have used Pebelle' hosiery, such as for Allude cashmere, and has dressed a number of musicians – e.g. the band Fan Death, from Canada.

In the past, the label has experimented with costume design for music videos for international bands, and theatre productions in Vienna including Antigone, Medea, Oedipus and Die Befristeten.

HBO’s True Blood featured some of Pebelle’s work in seasons 4–7.

In 2020, Pebelle began experimenting with digitalising her work.

Pebelle is a surface design brand founded by Petra Isabelle Kräutner, based in Vienna, Austria.

The designer draws her inspiration from nature, natural phenomena and urban atmospheres as well as other artistic disciplines.

She spent years experimenting with dyeing techniques to develop a new style of pattern-making using tie dye – adding a new series of patterns to the designs and laying the foundation for a 21st-century take on this craft.

Self-developed dyeing techniques and an anarchistic attitude are her raw materials for creating a new imagery in what is known as tie-dye.

The border between print and dye is never crossed, yet the surfaces sometimes seem to deceive the eye.

“Re-think tie dye” was used by Elle UK magazine to describe her work – and that says it all.

The Pebelle brand has received international coverage in publications including Vogue (UK), ELLE (UK), Indie Magazine (Austria), Flare Magazine (Canada), MF magazine (USA), and Rocket Magazine (Spain).

Photo 28-02-2017, 15 22 23.jpg

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