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Reclaimed Vintage is my way of giving garments a second life. Sourced and curated with a vision of how the garment will look after I am done with it.

Original & basic colour is eggshell white - Dyed in two session - dark grey/black.

No loss of colour- can be wahsed at medium heat - low tumbling recommended.

Silk Pants, Original label reads APART, probably from the late 80‘s to early 90‘s - High waist with a semi elastic waist, two side pockets.

Soft and floating 100% silk

Size: German 40/M-L

Waist (non-stretched) 72cm - can be stretched & worn by a 88cm waist

Length: 97cm - Inner Thigh Length: 62cm

Instep: 34cm

We live in a time where we need to value textiles a bit more and move away from fast fashion, that is made to we worn only a shoet ammount of time before it is damaged and ends up in landfills.

Vintage items were made at a time where the production process was slower and more detailed, textiles were precious and clothing was made to last a lifetime.

Reclaimed Vintage: Silk Pants | Unique item No.XX3

€ 90,00Price

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