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hand dyed silk scarf

unique item dyed by hand

dyed in a forest green, light pink and yellow in 3 different dyeing sessions


format 60x160 cm

70% cotton, 30% silk

lose weaving


while the material sometimes has losely woven gaps that look like holes it is also extremely stess resistant - i tested it on various occations


best to use for beach holidays: it can be used as headband, turban, bikini cover up skirt, beach towel, pillow cover throw in hotels, it is good for covering shoulders to avoid a sunburn, can be hung up as a curtain..... or just serve its purpose as a scarf - you choose!


wash at medium heat- best is to dry it hanging without tumbling

(in summer), the material is thin and dries very fast

when tumbling be aware that some of the fringes might be tangled and you have to detangle them a bit



Multifunctional Scarf | Unique item No. 2263

€ 99,00 Regular Price
€ 49,50Sale Price

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